Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprise from Zime!

I just received a lovely present from Zime, the multi-talented artist and creator of Mininas, which are charming one of a kind wooden dolls that come packaged in their own little "home" made of recycled, Earth-friendly cardboard.  Can you see it to the left of the house?  It's a little beagle :-)

On Friendship Day, July 20th, Zime sponsored RegalArte: the first three people to leave a comment on her blog that day would receive an original gift.  I was one of the lucky ones, and it's now my turn to create my own RegalArte contest. 

Make sure to visit Zime's store on Etsy -- it has all kinds of delicate, beautiful gifts!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog to Follow: 36 Pages

Author/Illustrator Craig Frazier has created a new blog about picture books called 36 pages.

©Craig Frazier
The blog is visually stunning and a treat for anyone interested in "the story on picture books."  Craig provides great insights on picture book design and includes plenty of gorgeous illustrations of both cover and interior art when talking about each book, be it old or new.  I would recommend going through the archives and reading his previous posts.  Fascinating!

Craig was co-founder of Lookybook, which was one of my favorite websites before it had to shut down about two years ago due to the economy.  So glad to see him back!