Saturday, June 21, 2008

Illustration Friday | Hoard

"Lucille! Stop hoarding all the carrots!"
I can certainly relate to Lucille -- I'm the same way with dark chocolate!

Welcome to my new blog! I've decided to change the blog from iWeb to Blogger. I'll keep my website on iWeb, but I felt I needed a different format for the blog. Now I'll be able to add labels and more images to the whole blog and to my postings. I'll also be adding more than just illustrations to this blog, and use it to talk about picture books I enjoy and other fun stuff.

So welcome again, and feel free to leave a comment if you like. They are always very much appreciated!

Lucille! Para de pegar todas as cenouras para você!"
Eu entendo a Lucille -- sou do mesmo modo com chocolate amargo!

Bem-vindos ao meu novo blogue! Decidi mudar o blogue de iWeb para Blogger. Vou manter minha website no iWeb, mas eu senti que precisava de um formato diferente para o blogue. Agora poderei colocar categorias e incluir mais imagens no blogue. Também vou acrescentar mais do que minhas ilustrações, e comentar sobre livros para crianças e outras coisas divertidas.

Então sejam bem-vindos, e se quiserem, deixem um comentário. São sempre bastante apreciados!


  1. welcome to blogger than.
    Love the illo, Lucille stuffing for rainy day I guess!
    the header looks cool, are you left handed?

  2. Monica!! Beautiful blog :o)
    Loooove the header my friend, very nice!

    You'll see blogger is super easy, super friendly.
    I'll add this address to my google reader so I can visit often :o)

  3. Ooh, I'll have to change my link to you now :) These rabbits are adorable! I love those itty bitty noses! CUTE ILLO!

  4. I really love the vibrant colors of this, it's brilliant!

  5. Oooh! I really enjoyed enlarging it and admiring your linework and coloring. Love everything about it, even the little purple flowers.

  6. Very nice blog & fun illustration--welcome to blog-world!

  7. Hi Mon!

    Well, what I usually do is make sure the images I'm going to post are 700 px wide, that way they don't get that huge when people click on them. Yu could even go lower than that if you wish.

    Then when you have the file that size, you choose it with the feature add a picture from blogger and on that same pop up window there is a choose menu with three options for sizes, small, medium or large. If you want them to cover almost al the with of your blog size then choose big. And that's it.

    Let me know if you need any more help, I'll be glad to help you out :o)

    Love those bunnies.. and adore the little noses!!

  8. absolutely adorable, you create expressions with such ease.

  9. Awesome, I love it!
    They bunnys are cute and the colors are air-y and light. Giving a nice feeling to the piece.


  10. Hey, this is a fabulous ilklkustration. Love it!

    I'm the same with dark chocolate! Kindred spirit!

    I love the new blog -- looks great!!

  11. Poor Lucille just can't help herself!! Cute idea!

  12. This is very cute, Monica! I love your cute header as well!

  13. Wonderful illustration. Love the looseness of your lines and how they don't always connect... you have a wonderful style.

  14. Your new blog is wonderful! I am looking forward to visiting it often. -- Merry

  15. Very cute. Love your lines and colors..

  16. Hola Mónica, This blog looks so great!! And your illo is so sweet!! I love your bunnys!!!!
    I'll change your new link right away!!

  17. Lovely new blog Monica, and beautiful heading picture. I've updated your link.

    Love these cute cute bunnies, the carrots looks so yummy, I understand why Lucille can't stop from picking them up!

  18. Always love the bunnies and carrots, this is a great scene, lovely work. Nice new blog, must change my link! :)

  19. I've updated my link to you and love the new blog! By the way, thank you again for the Pico...I plan to follow up on that this week on the blog. (Finally!)

    Love "Hoard"--what a fun piece! The bunnies' expressions are so charming.

  20. Nice blog - thanks for pointing out the gorgeous illos in the books. I also love your "hoard" illustration - nicely done!

  21. Your new blog is so nice!!! Congratulations! :-)

    I feel so impatient to read your articles about books and to see your new illustrations!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! ...this new blog is great!

    this illo is so cute and funny! i relate to the bunny...and to you too...i love dark chocolate!