Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watercolor Wednesday | Beatrix Potter

This week's theme for Watercolor Wednesdays is a homage to Beatrix Potter. As I became familiar with her life and work, I was always fascinated by her illustrated letters, her beautiful line drawings, and the start of her career as a storyteller.
So I did my own interpretation of her now very famous letter to Noel, about a little rabbit named Peter. :-)


  1. I love Beatrix!!! Can you see her movie?? Gorgeous!!
    Nice homage!!

  2. Me too, she was the watercolor queen!, your interpretation is so beautiful.

  3. What a sweet illustration! I love how you posted her original, too! That's this week's (well now last week's) theme at Monday Artday, too!

  4. Thats so adorable. Cute bunnies!!