Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trip to Rio de Janeiro!

It's that time of the year again! Time to fly down to Rio and visit my family. :-)
I'll try to post some drawings and sketches while I'm there, and I'll be sure to stop by other blogs to say "hello!"
See you soon!

É aquela época do ano novamente. É hora de viajar para o Rio e visitar a minha família. :-)
Tentarei postar desenhos e rabiscos enquanto estiver lá, e certamente visitarei outros blogues para dizer "Oi!"
Até breve!


  1. Look at Pan de Azucar!!! beautiful Monica.

    Have lots of fun with your family!! Enjoy :o)

  2. Oh my Goodness! RIO DE JANERIO!!! Oh Monica have a wonderful time sweetie and draw lots of pictures in your quite time. Boy I sure would like to go with you. This great! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  3. Dear Monica
    We're are looking forward to see you...but I have to confess...the Sugar Loaf it's a little bit odd...The biggest mountain is in the left side of the Guanabara Bay, unless you're looking at them from Niteroi...but's beautiful, and we're waiting for you with the best PUDIM DE LEITE ever!

  4. You're right! Tem razão! Sugar Loaf is backwards -- let's pretend it is the view from Niterói, until I get back and can fix it! I have obviously been away too long!
    I'm glad to be home, and that was the best Pudim de Leite ever!

    And thank you Alicia and Vanessa, for you warm and lovely wishes!

  5. Oh, wow! Have a wonderful time!

  6. Hola Monica!!
    que bueno que fuiste a Rio, es tan bello y lleno de magia, me gustaria tanto volver de vaciones alli!

  7. have a wonderful time monica! i love the drawing - so simple and beautiful. honestly it doesn't matter to me if sugar loaf is a bit off but then again i've never been south of mexico. -elisa

  8. hope you have a safe trip and a great time with your family! :D

  9. Estive no Rio em lua de mel no começo do ano e já tô com saudade de lá.
    Que inveja!!!

  10. If you are up for a game of tag you're it. check out my blog for the details. Have fun on your trip.

  11. Have a wonderful time Monica!

  12. This is one glorious graphic! I love it!