Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Illustration Friday | Contained

Flowers in containers? Okay, I'll admit it: not enough time this week to do a new illustration, so I needed to be creative with a previous one. :-)

Whenever I use old illustrations, I feel this urge to do them over again, to fix the mistakes and improve them. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Flores contidas em vasos? 'Tá bem, eu admito: não tenho tempo esta semana para participar com uma nova ilustração, então precisei ser criativa para usar uma antiga. :-)

Sempre que uso ilustrações antigas, tenho essa vontade de refazê-las, de consertar os erros e melhorá-las. Você também passa por isso?


  1. Your illustration is beautiful. I love the happy puppy ;)

    I was never happy with a woolly mammoth illustration I did when I was back in art school. 10 years later I illustrated it again from scratch. It's now called 'Woolly Mammoth Dream'.

    Love your work!

  2. Great illustration! And don't feel to bad about recycling. Gives those of us who may not have seen the original a chance to appreciate it! :)

  3. I often do... then I'm surprised at how much the style has changed!
    Cute illustration...very coloful!

  4. I don't have that urge at all, but I wonder if that's a virtue or a fault...

    What would you like to change from this watercolor?

  5. Love your illo! Yes, I like to re-visit my work too - great if reworking improves, but so often it ends up looking a bit sad :{

  6. me, i never redo my works...i tend to leave them as they are, be it good or not... :) i prefer do something new because it's more exciting! ^_^

    PS: Monica, how's the illustration school thing (i dont know what you called it..:-p) going? any progress? :)

  7. Thanks for the comment

    Love the illo and your watercolours are always fantastic and a inspiration for me

    Normally I don't re-do an illo but it's only because I'm lazy:)

  8. The perfect drawing for a cold winter's day. Wonderful composition and the colors are lovely. Great work!

  9. Old or not it is still lovely. I try not to use old ones because I would rather spend the time on a new one than fixing the old one :) But sometimes going back and redoing something is a great learning experience.

  10. Beautiful! I'd love to have a container garden like that. And trying to find a way to fit an old image into a new IF theme is still using creativity, no? :)

  11. Lindo Mónica!

    sim, sei muito bem o que é a vontade de melhorar sempre mais e mais.
    Estou com esse problema agora que tenho um conjunto de ilustrações para acabar mas não tenho prazo, logo estou sempre a repetir para melhorar,...
    ... às vezes é difícil parar!!

    Muito obrigada pelos teus simpácticos comentários ^_^

  12. Very nice illo, love your beagle, any work is easyer to do with a heloper like yours.


  13. It's a long time without visiting your blog! Lots of illustrations to enjoy! I admire your way of working with watercolor, it's so fresh, spontaneous...
    Good luck with the magazines!

  14. Yes, totally!

    Monica, your dogs just slay me. I can't get over how cute this little guy is!!!