Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spotlight on Books and Illustrators

Diane Goode, an author and Caldecott Honor illustrator, has a delightful and distinctive style. With sure, expressive lines, watercolor and gouache, she creates engaging, fun illustrations that capture the feel and charm of bygone eras.  On her website, you can see a list of all her books (more than 47 picture books!) and go on a tour of her studio.  It's a real treat!

Look for her books at your public library!


  1. She has lovely work - such sure yet loose lines - like you! :)

  2. will do! i love it when you suggest books =)

  3. Oi Monica, seu trabalho é lindo, adorei suas ilustrações, parabens!!!
    Vou visitar sempre agora ^_^

  4. What a fantastic illustrator, love her style and humour.
    Thanks for continuing to post your favourite picture books it's a great way to find great artists (although it often costs me money too as I just have to go and buy their books!!)