Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spotlight on Books and Illustrators

Author and illustrator David Ezra Stein is the creator of one of my favorite books dealing with seasons:  Leaves, about a young bear experiencing his first fall, is the perfect combination of words and images, both simple and endearing.  

His new book, Pouch!, comes out in September and on his website David has added a cool "Making of Pouch!" page that describes the road from idea to final book.  It's definitely worth a visit!

Check out his books at your local library!


  1. Thanks Monica! These will be on my list for my next library trip!

  2. I have not seen these, but will certainly look them up. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  3. Great books Monica, I love it when illustrators share their working practices, Steins freedom in his work is inspiring... although totally opposite to me, I'm a control freak! Keep posting fab books :)

  4. These books are so wonderful. I just love the covers. I'm working on some cover art right now to add to my portfolio. This is such a great post I will be looking out for these. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.