Monday, November 23, 2009

Look what I got in the mail...

I was invited by Caroline Soer to take part in an art exchange project, and it's been such a fun and rewarding experience! Not only have I received delightful works of art, but I'm getting to know a lot of very talented artists:

From Jill Bergman, this sweet and delicate painting:

From Danita Art, this handmade ATC (can you see that the dress is made of fabric and sewn by hand?)

From Cathy Peng, an original ATC of "Kelly Green." Look at those eyes!

From Shirley Ng-Benitez, three ATC prints of the cutest mouse, her very own Monsieur Olivet!

Another ATC, this time from Loni Edwards, with her simply adorable "Farm Friends":

From Elisa Ann Lindstrom, this beautiful print of an absolutely lovely painting, "Amber Field":

And from Lisa Holtzman, calligraphy artist extraordinaire, this one of a kind painting, entitled "Shooting Star":

Pretty impressive, huh?! Be sure to visit the websites and blogs of these talented and generous artists. I'm certain you'll love seeing more of their work!


  1. Wow very cool! I love the variety of talent! I saw that you commented on my Children's library in Brazil illustration. That's so cool that you are from there. So you could read the invitation? Thanks for stopping by.

  2. love it!!! you've received beautiful works!!! great idea :)

  3. What a lovely collection, Monica! What fun it's been! I'll be visiting these blogs - a few are new to me!

  4. Oooohh! Mônica! Wonderful!! I thank you for including my little Monsieur..but boy, oh boy, look at the wonderful artwork you've received!! Thanks for the invitation via Caroline, and I shall keep posting more of what will arrive in my mail box, too. Happy holidays to you Shirley

  5. What fun! I am so glad it was a success! :)

  6. It's wonderful to see what you got in the art exchange. Lovely to see and all great work. Thanks for sharing.