Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doodle 2 | Rabisco 2

So far, so good :-)

Por enquanto, tudo bem :-)


  1. Oh! The sketch is really good. Good luck with the new project :)

  2. This one is adorable too - still in the IF mood "Idle"?
    Wonder what he is reading.

  3. Ohhh, um bocadinho de leitura na foresta. Adorei a tua ilustraçao. A expressao do rabisco e de felicidade, qué livro está a ler?
    beijinhos e bom dia :)

  4. i love the mood here, so peaceful. lovely work!

  5. Hi Monica, your rabbit looks so lovely,


  6. Good luck on your doodle a day, this can be so difficult but a great exercise. Your 2 doodles so far are adorable.
    Quick question: do you use a dip pen and ink for your outlines, I've just bought some to improve my line quality (I've been using fine liners so far which can look a bit flat)
    Many thanks :)

  7. Thank you, everyone! I hope to keep at it for a full week :-)

    Hi, Bee: Yes, I do use a dip pen and ink when I draw. With a dip pen you can vary the thickness of the line by applying pressure, and I love that look. I like the liners as well, but mostly I've been using dip pens. I'm still learning, trying to get more natural at it. I've been using a German brand called Brause 066 and I like it a lot. Very recently I got another kind, Gillot 404, which seems to work nicely as well.