Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doodle 3 | Rabisco 3

One more, again in pen and ink (Brause 66 and FW Acrylic Paint Sepia)

Mais um, novamente bico de pena e tinta (Brause 66 e tinta acrílica FW cor Sépia)


  1. Bom dia Mônica! adorei a conversaçao do urso polar e passarinho :) bom trabalho. Beijinhos

  2. Oh, I love these doodles, Monica! I challenged myself to one a day too, but only managed a week!!

  3. Far too cute, what a lovely scene...this doodle a day challenge really suits you :)
    Thanks for the dip pen info. I use one manufactured by a local company 'Manuscript Pen Co' (affordable, as I am learning!) I have been very impressed at the ease of use and line quality but need to spend a bit more time practicing.

  4. Snow in July? Very uncommon for us, but I love the scenery. You're going strong - a doodle every day!

    The Brause 66 is now my favourite as well (thanks for the tip!!).

  5. That bear is so cute! I want to hug him, as long as those claws are kept far away from my body and face.