Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spotlight on Books and Illustrators

This time I'd like to share with you a series of terrific chapter books. Written and illustrated by the late Harry Horse, the books are: The last polar bears, The last gold diggers, The last cowboys and The last castaways.

The books' main characters, Grandfather and his independent canine companion Roo, tell their many adventures through letters addressed to his grandchild back home. The story lines are quirky and imaginative, sometimes silly, but always warm and loving. Roo quickly became one of my favorite dog characters!

And then there are the illustrations: done in pen and ink, they are simply wonderful: detailed, expressive and exquisite.

Published in the U.S. by Peachtree Publishers. Look for them at your local library or bookstores!


  1. Ooh, I've never come across these before. The illustrations look great! Thanks for sharing Monica, I'll look out for them.

  2. OMG, Monica! I love his work..thank you for posting this. You are SO very kind to come by and write...and it's always a treat to come by and visit your wonderful blog!! I'll be back!

  3. It's always great when you suggest books to read. Now I just need to remember to keep some paper by the computer to write them all down!

  4. ciao, monica. ho ricevuto un premio, giorni fa e stamattina mi sono dedicata alla scelta dei 10 blog da premiare a mia volta. non ho mai partecipato alle cosiddette catene di Sant'Antonio, ma mi piace l'idea di poter suggerire ai miei lettori degli indirizzi che, a mio parere, meritano di essere visitati. spero di fare cosa gradita, segnalando il tuo blog. secondo me merita molto!
    alla prossima!

  5. Ooooh - they look gorgeous. I love your recent doodles, and that Illustration Friday "Wrapped" image is just beautiful.